One Day Seminars

Our 8th FREE One-Day Seminar in Peoria, Illinois, hosted by HOIDSA on October 27, 2012, was fabulous!

Christy Sanchez and Tristen

The 7th FREE Seminar in Pocatello, Idaho on June 23rd

Was Amazing!!!

 We think this may be the first seminar where every person that attended seemed excited and ready to start their child on the CMF protocol right away.  In fact, we have received many emails sharing details of some positive results they are already seeing in their children. We had 2 MD's in the audience, which meant a few more scientific questions for Teresa.  We had lots of good discussion as Teresa presented the science behind the protocol.  A few families brought their kids in to meet with Joanne after the seminar was over, and they talked of having her back to work with their children in the future.  Our hosts: Maria Neumann and Jodi Williamson, who are the officers from Southeast Idaho DS Support Group, were very generous with their time and money.  They paid all of CMF's travel expenses, which we greatly appreciate, and drove us around all weekend.  We couldn't have asked for more gracious and caring hosts! 

Our 6th FREE Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland,

on April 28, 2012 was fun and informative!

Attendees came from the local area, and as far as Buffalo, New York.  Two of the ladies were presidents of their local DS associations, and will report the information learned back to their groups.  One participant gave a glowing testimonial! After taking ginkgo for 5 days, her 12 year old daughter learned 15 sight words in one day.  The teacher was astounded and wrote a note home asking what had changed.

If you were unable to attend, make plans to come to Pocatello, ID in June.

Rowan -- age 2 years

Seminar Flyer

Our 5th FREE Seminar in Tucson, Arizona on January 21, 2012, was very successful!!

  Some parents left that day committed to starting their child on the protocol right away.  Our hosts were Greg and Christine DeSilva, CMF parents of Gregory, age 22 months.  Gregory has been on the CMF protocol since he was 4 months, starting one item at a time and on the complete protocol by 10 months of age.  Teresa explained all the items in the protocol and answered questions and concerns from parents.  Joanne told about her students and met many families in Tucson and Phoenix that are interested in having her come back and tutor their children.  Greg DeSilva also spoke and shared the changing perspectives  of Down syndrome through the years, and then he told us about some of the successes of his son Gregory on the CMF protocol.  

Gregory -- age 22mos.

Takes CMF Protocol

Read Gregory's Success Story 


Tucson, AZ

Our 4th FREE Seminar in Orlando, FL, on November 12th, went very well!!

The event was hosted by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, and they were wonderful hosts!  Teresa and Joanne spoke to a full house at Orlando Regional Medical Center and answered

many questions regarding the CMF protocol.  Teresa explained some of the science and went over each item in the protocol.  Joanne told about the children she tutors and explained the differences she saw in those on the protocol.  One of our CMF parents, Andi Durkin, spoke about her son Jett (19 mos.) and how well he is doing since starting the CMF protocol. 

Jett -- 19 months

takes the CMF protocol

Read Jett's

Success Story Here

Dr. Teresa Cody spoke at the DSAH, Down Syndrome Association of Houston, about the Changing Minds protocol and explained each item and the science behind it.  It was a tremendous success!  The room was packed and lots of questions were answered. If you haven't heard Teresa speak, make plans to attend our next seminar in Orlando, FL.  We have added two new items to the existing protocol as well, so even if you've heard Teresa before, you can come and find out what's new.       

Our 3rd FREE Seminar on

June 25th in Evansville, Indiana,

was a big success!

The event was hosted by SMILE On Down Syndrome, a local parent network in Indiana.  They were very hospitable and paid all our expenses!  Dr. Teresa Cody spoke on the CMF protocol and gave a detailed explanation of the science behind it.  She answered questions from parents, medical personnel and educators.  We did a shorter version, a half day seminar, and ran out of time.  So, we are mailing copies of Joanne's video to those who attended.  We also heard from Miriam Kauk, a CMF parent.  She spoke about her 18 year old daughter, Mary, who has been on portions of the protocol since 2008 and is doing amazingly well!

Group photo after Evansville Seminar

Mary Kauk

18 years old

Has taken ginkgo

for 3.5 years

Prozac for 2.5 yrs.

Also takes B12

Folinic Acid

Body Bio Oil

News Coverage:

News 7

Evansville, IN

The Second One-Day Seminar

in Mason, Ohio on April 9, 2011

went very well !!

Teresa Cody and Joanne Mothes

spoke, along with testimonials from the Smiths and their daughter's principal, Don Baker.  Even 10 year old Katie got up and read her speech to the crowd!

News Coverage:

News Article in

Cincinnati Enquirer

Fox 19 News

Video Clip of

Katie and her parents

Interview of Chris, Julia & Katie Smith on Morning News Show

Teresa Cody & Katie Smith

age 10 years old, has

taken CMF protocol for 3 yrs.

Big thank you to Chris & Julia Smith for hosting and to Don Baker & Joanne for speaking !!

Watch Katie's Video

The first One-Day Seminar in

Madison, WI in November of 2010

was a huge success!!

Approximately 100 people attended and learned a lot of good information about

the CMF protocol

BIG thank you to Russ & Lexy

Austin who hosted the event !!!

News Coverage

of Event:


NBC 15 Madison, WI

Mac reads for the camera

Lexy and her son Mac are interviewed

on NBC  Nov. 2010

WKOW 27 in Madison

Interview with Teresa Cody &

Lexy Austin about CMF Protocol

Nov. 2010

NBC 15 Follow Up Story

about Mac and how he is doing now

May 2011

Mac after two months on protocol

Watch 6 yr. old Mac Read !!

Teresa Cody & Mac Austin the day

after the seminar in Madison, WI

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