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for tracking the progress

of our Spare Change

Fundraising Campaign


Goal is $10,000

$ 730.36 so far-----

Keep collecting !!!!

'We Can' Fundraising Campaign:

   "Spare Change for Changing Minds"

Reportedly, there are over $10 Billion US in coins currently gathering dust as spare change in piggy banks and old cookie tins in homes all across America.  One great way for us to raise funds for more research on Down syndrome is to get our hands on this money through coin collection jars called SPARE CHANGE jars.  We can locate them around town where we work and live.  Our kids deserve our energy and output to help further the fantastic scientific advancements and continue looking for better ways to help our kids improve.

With your WE CAN starter kit:

                WE CAN raise funds to support more research

                WE CAN raise funds to spread the awareness

                              of an effective treatment option.

                WE CAN raise funds to help our children and

                              adults continue to improve.

Please help support this campaign by requesting your coin cans and placing them in local businesses to collect any and all "Spare Change". 

Call us at 281-341-0101 or send an email to to request your cans.  You can also print copies of the brochure to pass out, as well as the instructions and our logo. 

Spare Change Brochure

Spare Change Logo

Spare Change Instructions