The Changing Minds Conference in Houston, TX, was a huge success !!


If you weren't able to come to the conference, that's okay....we videotaped it for you!! 

You can now purchase your copy of the video for $50.

It is a 4 disc video full of great information.  You have Teresa Cody, Joanne Mothes, Craig Garner, Craig Heller and Dan Wetmore from Stanford University Research Center, parent testimonials, success stories from CMF kids and much more.  After we recoup the money spent, all proceeds will go toward DS research.





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We are so glad that many of you came to the 1st national conference for Changing Minds Foundation.  We thought it was a huge success! We had about 85 people in attendance and a lot of wonderful information was shared.  All of our speakers were fabulous and we want to extend a BIG thank you to them.  I have listed all of their names and contact information below.  Also, a lot of networking took place at the conference, and many parents connected with other parents across the country.  Of course we had many parents from Texas, but we were amazed at how many came from great distances.  We had people come from Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Alabama, New York, California and even Singapore!  For those of you who were unable to attend, we are sorry and we missed you.  However, we did tape the entire conference, so you will have an opportunity to purchase those videos sometime mid to late August.  At the end of the conference, Teresa asked all of the attendees "What are your talents and how will you use them to help Changing Minds Foundation?"  Many people have come forward to offer their time and talents to get the word out about CMF and to raise money for more research.  If you were unable to attend, but you want to help, please email us at or give us a call at 281-341-0101.  We also launched our brand new fundraising campaign called "We Can".  The slogan is "Spare Change for Changing Minds" and it will be completely funded with "spare change".  Our hope is that each member will collect spare change in the small cans provided and even locate those cans at area businesses. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter which should be coming soon.  We will have details on how you can order your copy of the Conference DVD and how you can order cans to help our fundraising efforts. Thank you!


                                                        Teresa Cody &

                                                        Stacy Howdeshell

* (See more photos of conference)

Speakers Contact Information:

  • Craig C. Garner, PhD

   Researcher from Stanford University

  • H. Craig Heller, PhD 

   Researcher from Stanford University

  • Daniel Z. Wetmore, PhD

   Researcher from Stanford University

  • Debbie Elder

   Behavioral Specialist

  • Dr. Teresa Cody

   CMF Founder and parent of child with DS

  • Missy (LaNee) McDonald

   M.A.,CCC/SLP (Speech Language Pathologist)

  • Joanne Mothes

   Special Education Teacher (for 38 years)

  • Dr. Maureen Hayes

   Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology

   Nikken Products

  • Body Bio