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Watch this amazing video of Jett Durkin, an 18mo. old on the CMF protocol. He is showing us that he can read the words in front of him!

Watch 16 year old Jordan Blevins work on his spelling words with his mom.  He is amazing!  He can even answer questions about the letters (ie. what is the last letter? What letter is between the two i's?).

Watch 7 year old Warren read his book.  He is in the 1st grade and he is reading on level 4-5.  He is amazing!

Watch 6 year old Mac Austin read a book after only 2 months on the CMF protocol !!  He is amazing!!

Here is a video of Mac Austin and his mom Lexy from Madison, WI.  Mac is 6 years old and he was on NBC 15 news to promote the One-Day Seminar his parents were hosting for CMF on November 20, 2010. Mac has been on the protocol for two months and is now reading books!

Here is a video of a little boy named John who is taking the CMF protocol and, at age 5, he is completely on track with typical kids.  John has never worked this puzzle before.  He does it twice.  Watch how much better he does the second time.  He remembers where the pieces go.

Here is another video of John singing two popular kid's songs, saying his ABC's, throwing and kicking a ball and picking up an ant between his thumb and forefinger.  He has an amazing pincer grasp!


Here is a video of a little girl named Katie, who is on the CMF Protocol, and doing extremely well.


Here is a video of Teresa's son Neal reading from his daily reader.                                


Below the video are photos of the pages he is reading from.  Click on the picture to make it larger.






Here is another video of a little boy named Daniel showing how he recognizes words.  He is taking the CMF protocol.

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I started the Doman program of Teach your Baby to Read when Daniel was 7 months old. He always enjoyed the words until he was around 2 years and 3 months when he started being apathic to several things. When asked to choose the correct word between two choices he never answered and just stared. In April, after being on Gingko for about 4 months and on Prozac for 2 months, he started showing interest in the words again. Little by little we realized that he knew many and we started to ask him. But the most amazing thing for me in this video is that he realizes when he makes a mistake. For those who are not familiar with the Doman program, when you ask the child you are never to say "NO" even if he is wrong. If you ask him to select the word door, and he takes window, you are supposed to say "this is window and this is door" and go on.

This is why I was amazed when he said no and then took the right word.

Also he decided by himself to show the object of the word he was being asked.

He is doing this with words in English and Spanish.